Heritage International School is a private school that offers quality education in a unique environment. Founded in 2014, Heritage International School (HIS) instructs its students in academic excellence and sound Biblical understanding. HIS is recognized by Cambridge International for 1st to 10th Grades.

School Curriculum

At Heritage International School, we seek to provide our learners with a safe, caring and motivating learning environment where high quality learning and teaching experiences ensure a culture of success and achievement, through a framework of Christian worldview.
In a unique Scripture-based environment, which focuses on the holistic development of the child, and advocates well-being, our pedagogy, teaching methods and assessment all aim to develop our students into truly global citizens, capable of making an impact in their world.

We have designed our curriculum to encourage a love of learning, ensure challenge and enjoyment in the classroom, ensure rapid progress so that all children reach their full potential, provide unique, but relevant experiences, and create a platform where children develop independence by taking charge of their own learning.

The aims of our curriculum are clear in that it enables children to be “Lifelong Learners” by focusing on the five R’s: To be Resilient, Resourceful, Responsible, Reflective and Relationship-oriented individuals who will be an asset to any society.

Primary Schooling
In this elementary stage of learning, our curriculum is designed to expose students to a range of subjects. The reading program focuses on mastering phonics. Additionally, there is a focus on Mathematics, Grammar, Spelling, Science, History, Geography, Scripture (Bible), Information Technology, and penmanship. At the end of their Year 5, students will appear for the Cambridge International Primary Checkpoints in Sciences, English and Mathematics.

Lower Secondary Schooling
The course of study for students entering the lower secondary school, (Year 6 to 8), provides challenge and motivation to help provide stability in a time of physical and emotional transition. The curriculum provides students leadership opportunities, stability, encouragement, inspiration and direction. In terms of subjects, it is centred around the core subjects of English language, Mathematics, Scripture and Information Technology. The Sciences are now segregated in to the 3: Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Students at this level are expected to choose one secondary language as well. At the end of Year 8, students will appear for the Cambridge International Checkpoints in English, Mathematics and the Sciences.

Secondary Schooling
In this higher level of study (Year 9 and 10) the students are able to specialise in their studies for the first time.The students can enjoy studying a broad range of compulsory subjects which will give them a strong base of general knowledge and skills (English, Mathematics, Hindi/French, the Sciences, and Information Technology), and allow access to many routes into Higher Education or employment, as well as providing them with essential skills for life. In addition, they will still continue with their studying of Scripture. At the end of Year 10, the students will be expected to appear for the IGCSEs.